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My most memorable show

On September 22, 1974 I attended my very first Bruce concert. It was a free outdoor concert at Kean College in Union, New Jersey. It was a good show but not great. A month later I saw Bruce on October 18, 1974 at The Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey(as a bus trip sponsored by a local college). There were 3 acts on the bill. They were Dan Fogelberg,Bruce & headliner John Sebastian (of The Lovin Spoonful fame).The story goes that John heard Bruce's rehearsal and said there was no way that he was going to follow Bruce on stage; so Bruce closed the show. It was by far the most intense concert I have ever seen in my life. The mixture of Bruce's voice and Suki Lahav's violin playing were magical. Hearing new material from what would become an lp called "Born to Run" was also a treat. This new song called "Jungleland" was especially moving and powerful and unlike any other Bruce song. I was a fairly reserved person back then but I remember dancing in the aisles with a few thousand of myclosest friends. It was much more than a concert for sure.





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