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We are a new band based out of New Jersey. We have a very new and unique sound. If you want us to compare us to other bands, we would say we sound llike a cross between Creed and Staind. Matt and Dominik have been jammin together for about 4 years. Dominik started out playing rhythm guitar while Matt was on lead. Matt met a promising young bassist named Andy Hnatko. These three took a liking to each other and set out to find a drummer. But to their dismay, finding a drummer was becoming more and more difficult a task. Finally Matt and Andy said,"Dom, Buy a drum set." He did. Dominik, although not born a drummer, took great intrest and has found his musical calling. From there the only thing left was a singer that the three could vibe with. Enter Jared. Jared was found through an ad the three placed in the AQUARIAN. Jared, Matt and Dominik met and clicked instantly. With the addition of the new singer, the band wrote song after song. 3 months later all the songs were trashed. One day during practice, Matt entered with a riff.......The riff evolved into an incredible song, followed by another and another. At this point Andy went to college in Pittsburgh.Well TouchboX is now looking to record an EP and as soon as that is done....An Indy label.


Matt-Sevendust, Staind, Metallica, Tool, Fear Factory, Alice In Chains

Dom-Black Sabbath, Tool, Deftones, Korn, Ozzy, System of a Down

Jared -Tool, Deftones, Sevendust, Staind, Blink 182
Slayer, Fear Factory

What We Like

Matt-Wrestling, Jamming on his Les Paul, Video Games, Movies, Smokin Trees, Beautiful Females

Dom-Drawing, Playing with his computer, Watching Boy Meets World(RIP), Jammin on his Drums, Drinkin Drinkin Drinkin

Jared-Working on cars, Drinkin, Drinkin, Talkin about Tool, Singin his ass off