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Videos (truly a work-in-progress)

These are either vcd or svcd. They play on NEWER dvd players (or work on the computer using Windows Media Player).I can't guarantee success (although they play on my DVD). I have attempted to describe each disk to the best of my ability. I have encountered problems on copying some vcds but hopefully I have weeded all of those out. If you want to trade these realize that if I experience duping problems you will be notified immediately. I will not break up multiple sets. I will trade video for other video (or we can work out a deal on regular audio cds).

Glory Days - UK special broadcast 5-12-87 (2 discs)
From Asbury to Zakim (3 discs)
    1-Kitty's Back - Live on Conan 12-12-02
    2-Merry Christmas Baby - Live on Conan 12-12-02
    3-The Rising promo (remix)
    4-Merry Christmas Baby - w/Holiday Express-Continental Airlines Arena 12-15-01
    5- Santa Claus Is Comimg To Town - w/Holiday Express-Continental Airlines Arena 12-15-01
    6- R & R Hall of Fall induction of Dylan NBC news clip (off sync)
    Disc 2
    1-acoustic "Thunder Road" - Leonard Zakim Bridge Dedication-Cambridge Ma 10-4-02
    2 -acoustic "Empty Sky" - Nightline 7-30-02
    3-"Blinded By The Light" - Clearwater Festival Asbury Park, N.J. 9-18-01
    4- The Rising promo (remix)
    5-"The Rising" - Letterman 8-1-02
    6- "Lonesome Day" - Letterman 8-2-02
    7- Little Steven int. on Regis
    Disc 3(may have to manually skip through track 4)
    1- "The Rising"
    2- "Lonesome Day"
    3- "Into The Fire"
    4- blank
    5- "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - James Taylor in studio
    6- Santa Claus - James Taylor in studio
Shrine Auditorium - Los Angeles,Ca. 11-16-90 (2 discs)
Rebuilding The Glory - About Asbury Park and Saving Tillie (1 disc)
Weissman #1
Disc 1
    1- "The Today Show" broadcast from Convention Hall in Asbury Park, N.J.7-30-02
    Disc 2
    1- "The Today Show" cont.
    3- Letterman 2 live performances
    Disc 3
    1- "Nightline" 7-30-02 int & music
    2- "Up-Close"both 7-30 & 7-31 segments

San Jose 8-27-02 & misc clips incl. Ramrod MTV(SVCD) 3 discs (a bit distant but clear)
MTV Video Music Awards (outside at Hayden Planetarium NY city) (in the rain) 8-29-02 (1 disc)
   -only first song was broadcast but Bruce played on for over an hour. Great quality
Sports Arena - Los Angeles, Ca. 4-23-88 (3 discs)
East Berlin Germany 7-19-88 (3 discs)
Capitol Center - Largo Md.(SVCD) 8-15-78 (4 discs)
Misc. Grammy Performances (1 disc)
    -includes Bruce w/other stars singing Curtis Mayfield songs and presenting him a Grammy
    -includes Bruce singing "Streets Of Philadelphia" on MTV Awards and accepting award

Misc Grammy Performances 2003
    -includes Simon & Garfunkel,Norah Jones,James Taylor,Bruce "The Rising","London Calling"
     tribute//Bono & The Edge "The Hands That Built America" on Today Show 2/03 Johnny Cash
     "Hurt" video"/& Warren Zevon performing "Cadillac Ranch"live.
Various Bruce #1 (1 disc)1st half of disc off-sync
    1- "Lucky Town"w/Tom Hanks intro Saturday Night Live off sync 5-9-92
    2- "57 Channels"w/Tom Hanks intro Saturday Night Live off sync 5-9-92
    3- closing segment off sync 5-9-92
    4-"The Rising" w/Matt Damon intro Saturday Night Live off sync 10-5-02
    5- "You're Missing"solo piano w/Matt Damon intro Saturday Night Live off sync 10-5-02
    6- skit w/Jimmy Fallon & Matt Damon spoofing Bruce Fans off sync 10-5-02
    7- closing segment off sync 10-5-02
    8- "Glory Days"-surprise appearance on Lettermans final NBC show 6-25-93
    9- "Streets Of Philadelphia" - Grammies 3-9-95
   10- Accepting Grammy for "Streets of Philadelphia" 3-9-95
   11- Valentine video w/Bruce & Ring Starr
   12- "The Promised Land" w/Jackson Browne Central Park Rally 6-12-82
   13-20/20 clip off sync
   14- Sunday Morning CBS-TV clip re: 9/11
   15- Bruce parody
   16- live Jukes clip (shaky)
Various Bruce #2
  1- MTV Video Music Awards "The Rising" 8-27-02 poor quality
    2-TV clip Channel 7 news NY re:Bruce at Continental Arena opener 8-7-02
    3/4 & 5 MTV2 The Table-unusual show where Kurt & Bruce are seated around a table w/ cardboard squares on the table
                 and the pick topics and Bruce talks about the topic
    6/7 & 8 The  Rising VH-1 special
        - Matt Lauer and Bruce. Bruce drives Matt around Asbury Park and they actually get out of the car and walk the streets and
          visit some stores including an antique store. Segment ends at Sonny's Southern Cuisine Restaurant where in front of a capacity
          crowd of about 50 Bruce does a solo acoustic version of "My City Of Ruins" w/The Gospel Choir.
    9- CBS-TV 60 Minutes interview w/Ed Bradley
   10- Channel 7 NY City end of newscast and they show clip of The Rising from opening night 8-7-02

Various Bruce #3
     Inside the Tunnel of Love Tour VH-1 special w/A.J. Hammer (1 cd)
Various Bruce #4
    Whistle Test (Born in the USA)1984 VH-1 rebroadcast w/live Spectrum footage  (1 cd)
Various Bruce #5
     Greatest Hits:The Videos VH-1 special w/ Ian O'Malley & Anthony DeCurtis 1995 (2 cds)
Various Bruce #6 (1 CD)
1- Bruce w/Southside Johnny-Agora  Cleveland, Oh. 8-31-78
2- Bruce w/Little Steven-The Stone Pony  Asbury Park, N.J. 8-21-87
3- Bruce w/Levon Helm-The Stone Pony  Asbury Park, N.J. 8-22-87   

Amnesty International - Buenos Aires 10-15-88 (2 discs)

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